Saturday, October 24, 2015

Temptation - Casey L. Bond

My name is Brooklyn Harris. In my life, I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, but I am proud of my life. I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of it. I’m a burlesque dancer at an exclusive Vegas club. That fact, along with the teensy weensy misdemeanor on my record, means the cops don’t exactly trust me when I say someone is stalking me. 
But he is. He leaves things everywhere, has invaded my home and my life. Things are starting to escalate and I’m not even going to lie. I’m scared. So my best friend, Sin, has this plan: skip town and let the police work and her dad call in a few favors. Let someone try to find this guy before he finds me. I’m going along with it. But, only until I can figure out how to fight back. 

Landing in the tiny town of Swift Rapids, Virginia wasn’t really part of the plan. My admirer found me in New York City, so Sin and I had to make tracks. The sexy cop in town? He’s everywhere. I can’t stop bumping into him and I can’t get him out of my head. Colt Stone is hard as a rock and just as stubborn. I need to get laid, learn to shoot a gun and take my life back—in that order.

Brooklyn is the best at her burlesque show.  She's been receiving mysterious and crazy creepy gifts from an admirer of her show.  As the stalking becomes more serious each day she has to make a run for it.  She ends up in a small town in Virginia where the gossip is high and a hot cop that will curl your toes just looking at him.  Colt doesn't trust new people that come to his small town.  As he gets to know Brook he becomes more protective of her and he's determined to protect her as her stalker seems to draw closer.  The connection between Brook and Colt is undeniable.  Their banter was fun and kept the story light when needed.  
Temptation is a sexy on the edge of your seat romance that had me engrossed in the story until the very end.  
I give Temptation...

5 Baskets!!!

Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.

Bond graduated from Hurricane High School in 1999. In 2003, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marshall University in the field of Criminal Justice.

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