Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Midnight Clear - Hope Ramsay

Dr. Tom Crawford isn't feeling the spirit of the season when he arrives in Last Chance. Far from friends and family, he's the odd man out in this town of gossiping, tight-knit Southerners-until he meets a sweetly sexy single mom who makes him feel welcome. Suddenly the handsome doctor is thinking he's finally found a place to call home.
Local florist Teri Summers has her hands full of mistletoe in preparation for the holiday, yet finding someone to kiss is her last priority. But when the gorgeous new doctor makes a connection with her special needs son, Aiden, Teri finds herself wondering if she's finally found happiness in this season of joy. For Teri and Tom, Last Chance may be their best chance at love . . .

Tom, new to the small town of Last Chance, is definitely feeling the sting of being a northerner in this southern town.  He meets Teri when she comes in the ER for her son.  He can't seem to get her off his mind.  They start dating and it's a sweet romance to the end of the story.
As a mom with a child with Autism I can relate to Teri in many ways.  Teri is stressed, protective, and loving.  I was rooting for her to give in a bit easier with Tom. Tom is understanding, giving and has never ending patience. 
With the exception of Teri and Tom, I felt that autism was reflected in a negative way. From her family to the towns people.  The author portrays autism as a disease that is communicable and therefore curable, which we know isn't the case. It ruined for me what otherwise would have been a really good romance.
I give A Midnight Clear...

3 Baskets!!

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