Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Dream Jumper's Christmas - Kim Hornsby

Christmas in snowy Carnation, Washington seems like the idyllic get away until Jamey Dunn has a prophetic dream of his father's house burning to the ground on Christmas Eve. When Jamey and Tina rush to Washington state earlier than planned, they use dreams and intuition to investigate a series of strange happenings at Pops' house. The new neighbors appear to be hiding something and Tina and Jamey try desperately to convince Pops to cut ties with them as they work to expose the neighbors' for who they are. But Christmas draws closer and the pranks on Pops' house get more deadly..

Published in the box set Criminal Christmas as Christmas Interrupted.

When she turned 50, Kim Hornsby gave up the idea of ever performing again and took up writing books. As an award-winning song writer, it was a natural progression.

In her former life, Kim once performed on Maui with Jamie Foxx at the Iao Theater. Those were the days she rubbed shoulders with George Harrison and Alice Cooper at parties. She now lives in the Seattle area where she pens stories in the rainy months and edits in the sunshiny months. A wife, mother, dog owner and adventurer, Kim loves to hike, water ski and avoid housework.

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  1. Thanks Tobi! Love the avatar reading while vacuuming! Almost me except I rarely vacuum. But when I do, I pop up from my computer to do one room, then back to writing, then up again, etc.
    I hope you enjoy my book The Dream Jumper's Christmas. Here's a little hint about what you can expect. In the story there is a ____ (rhymes with most)