Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Exploration - Char Webster

What does it mean to be Gifted?

And just how dangerous can it be?

When Nick took off to track down a kidnapper and killer, he left Kate alone to deal with her new life. Thrown into a world she knew nothing about, Kate must piece together information from the past and discover her role in the events that have begun to unfold.

Will history repeat itself? Will Kate be able to protect the kids and herself from the forces who want to use them to unlock a power that could destroy everything?

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Kate Sutton is one of the Gifted, and learns more and more about her abilities in Exploration, the second book following Discovery. Together with her adopted children, and her perfect mate (even if he is a forbidden mate) they get busy trying to take down her enemies from Discovery. Amongst the adventures is romance, a twisty turney mystery, and even a little bit of humor. Kate is a toughie, determined to hold everything together even when the going gets rough. You will laugh, cry and get angry as you connect with the characters. If you love ya with a touch of romance, and suspenseful adventures you’ll want to add Exploration to your TBR list.


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