Tuesday, May 3, 2016

One Night With The CEO - Mia Sosa

Title: One Night With The CEO
Author: Mia Sosa
Series: Suits Undone, #2
Publisher: Forever Yours
On Sale: May 3, 2016
Format: e-Book
Price: $3.99 USD / $3.99 CAD

After some disappointing dates, Karen Ramirez has concluded that great sex is for other people. Especially since medical school won't leave her much time for romance anyway. Then she runs into tall, dark, charming, and ridiculously wealthy Mark Lansing--and quickly reconsiders celibacy. Adding to temptation? Mark will be the best man at her sister's wedding and the nuptial destination is sultry Puerto Rico. Now this trip might just be sensory overload--or the perfect chance for Karen to find the groove she's never had.

For CEO Mark Lansing, his perfect match would be smart, sweet, and funny, with long legs and silky hair the color of dark chocolate. In short, someone a lot like Karen. But Mark's looking to settle down, while a relationship is the last thing on Karen's mind. So Mark proposes a plan: he and Karen will use their weekend in paradise to sizzling advantage--before downshifting to friendship. The only problem? Karen is all Mark can think of when he gets home. Now his most challenging negotiation will be for the one thing money can't buy . . .

One Night With the CEO is a super steamy romance.  Mark has decided he wants to settle down.  He wants Karen, but with their connections through her sister being married to his best friend and her being a lot younger he's hesitant.  Karen is determined to finish medical school before leaping into a relationship and just wants a night.

Their chemistry is undeniable and they're unable to stay away from each other.  Mark was sexy, charming and wounded from his past where his mother ran off when he was very young.  I love his humor and camaraderie with his best friend, Ethan.  Karen was fun when she let go yet could be a bit uptight with her determination in not wanting "distractions" from finishing medical school.  If you're looking for a super steamy romance I'd definitely check out One Night with the CEO.

Mia Sosa was born and raised in New York. She attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Communications and met her own romantic hero, her husband. Mia once dreamed of being a professional singer, but practical considerations (read: the need to pay bills) led her to take the law school admissions test instead.

A graduate of Yale Law School, Mia practiced First Amendment and media law in the nation's capital for ten years before returning to her creative roots. Now, she spends most of her days writing contemporary romances about smart women and the complicated men who love them.

Mia lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters and will forever be on the hunt for the perfect karaoke bar.

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