Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Color of Us - Laura Ward & Christine Manzari

**This can be read as a standalone**

Eighteen year old Alexis Sinclair is lost in the darkness of grief. Since the death of her sister in a car accident, she can’t find the will to get out and enjoy life again. When she’s forced to face her biggest fear and take a summer Driver’s Ed course, she’s surprised to find hope in the most unlikely person. 

Liam O’Connell is trouble. He isn’t proud of his dark past, and he knows Alexis is the one girl he has no business pursuing. Doing the right thing has never been easy for him, but this time, it just might be impossible. The perfect girl and troubled boy are all wrong for each other, but as Liam helps Alexis cope with her grief, they realize nothing has ever felt more right.

That is, until Alexis uncovers a secret about Liam that breaks her heart. 

Liam knows he can’t allow the one good thing in his life to walk away without a fight, and he’s determined to convince Alexis they can find their way out of the darkness together. 

Can he prove he’s worthy of her, or is some love too tainted to be saved?

 After her sister's death Alexis is left reeling and can't seem to cope.  Until she meets hottie mctottie in her driver's ed class, Liam.  He's in the class to keep his record clean and she's so fearful of driving she waited until the summer before college to learn.  He helps her deal with her fear of driving.  Liam sees his angel and though he knows he's bad for her he can't stay away.  He wants to help her be happy again even if it comes back to bite him in the rear. Alexis, I just wanted to hug her and wrap her up and call her George.  She copes by "talking" in her head to her sister and the closeness to Liam helps drive the darkness away. For as much as she's been through she's one of the strongest characters I've ever read.  Liam, my heart reached out to him as his past secrets come to light and he's determined to prove himself worthy for Alexis, even though he's already beyond worthy.  With each small gesture he sweeps me off my feet and has won a top book boyfriend spot in my heart.  I loved Taren, Julie and Stacy and their unwavering support of Alexis, even before all her secrets come out.  Stacy was a breath of fresh air, sunshine and rainbows and I'd love to see more of her in the next story.
The story is super steamy and angst filled to perfection. There wasn't a point where I had to put the book down where I got too stressed out (that's super rare). If you enjoy heart wrenching, ugly cry romance that will leave you happy in the end and ready for the next story, then I highly recommend this amazing story.  

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