Monday, August 8, 2016

Lost in Paradise - Bridget Blackwood

Determined not to be ruled by Siren law, Ianthe of the Lorelei suffers the consequences of a quickly intensifying Fae Civil War. Seeking refuge from the violence Ianthe agrees to join a quest to aid Winter Summersun, a contender for the Fae thrones. 

Zander Rush is the half-Mer treasure hunter hired by Winter to retrieve an ancient prize from the sea. He’ll need a Siren’s help if he wants to get close enough to touch the shipwreck where it's hidden. Sirens aren’t known for being helpful; they thrive on death and misery. His only chance of success lies with the unusual Ianthe. 
On their journey, they’ll face storms, sharks, Sirens, Mer, diminished gods of old, and untold monsters of the deep. Zander will learn that his reluctance to learn about Fae history hinders him. Ianthe will see she’s stronger than she ever knew and that she's more than an outcast Siren. Together they’ll find that Life's greatest treasures can’t be held in your hands.

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Lost in Paradise is the perfect continuation in the A World in Shadows series.  You get to see the progress of the characters from past stories that you know and love.  In addition you get to know previous secondary characters better and new characters that will make you fall in love with the series  even more.  Ianthe, I love that she's determined to be different than her sisters and when faced with them she stands for what she believes. Though she is falling for Zander, being a siren she doesn't want to inevitably kill him. Zander, he's a hottie mctottie merman that has the perfect amount of snark and humor.  His courage is undeniable in all the adversity he faces throughout the story.  
Lost in Paradise left me happy and ready for the next step in the series.  If you enjoy a fantasy book with the skillful story building, adventure, romance and a bit of suspense I highly recommend Lost in Paradise.

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