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Me and Mr. I.T. - Katie Mettner

Me and Mr. I.T., book 2 in the Kupid's Cove series by Katie Mettner, is now available on Amazon! If you are part of Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free, or get Me and Mr. I.T. for .99 for a limited time!  You can also get the first book in the series, Calling Kupid, for .99! Read on for an excerpt of Me and Mr. I.T. and to read my review.

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I tossed my wet dress in the corner of my personal bathroom, where it would wait for me to give it some dignity back and wash it. I stepped into a pair of white wide-leg pants and slipped my now dry feet into a pair of loafers. I ran a brush through my hair and gave my lips a new coat of Summer Sparkle lip shine. The woman in the mirror looked back at me, mocking my activities. I stuck my tongue out at the mirror.

“I know this isn’t a date, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look good.”

“What’s not a date?” someone asked from the doorway.

I spun on my heel to see Mr. I.T. lounging on the doorjamb, not a care in the world.

I crossed my arms over my still bare chest. “Get out!”

He didn’t. He had the gall to finger wave at me while looking way too relaxed in my space.

“I ask again, what’s not a date?” He was grinning, but at least his eyes held mine instead of wandering my body.

“Nothing,” I huffed, “I’m going to have to slap you with a sexual harassment lawsuit if you don’t turn your back.”

He gave me that annoyingly sexy grin and turned around. I grabbed my blouse and pulled it over my head, my cheeks red with embarrassment.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to hide, Ellie. You look gorgeous in that outfit. I liked the dress you had on earlier, but this tells me more about you. You like to sparkle.”

I fought against the eyes trying to roll to the top of my head. “Yeah, that’s it. And how would you know, your back is turned.”

“It is, but I have a perfect view in the mirror behind me.”

I groaned and then laughed against my will. “Anyone ever tell you that you’re infuriating?”

“Once or twice in my life,” he said as he walked out and leaned on the edge of my desk.

“To answer your question, I make it a habit of always looking my best whenever I’m out and about. I represent Kupid’s Enterprises at all times. Even when I’m not technically on the clock.”

He folded his arms across his chest. “All work and no play makes for a very boring Ellie.”

“I like to play. I just make sure I look good while doing it.”

Maltrand has worked hard in life for everything in his life.  Trying to win Eliana's love and trust is no different.  Past hurts keep Eliana from wanting to open her heart to anyone, much less the one man who turned her down before.  The undeniable connection and magnetic attraction between the two is amazing.  Once they're thrown together for a work project Eliana finds it hard to deny anymore.
I loved every single page of this story from the first page to the last.  I felt a connection to Eliana and her issues with self-image due to her condition.  Maltrand is sexy, loving and extremely patient.  Once again Katie Mettner has created a relatable story.  It's a story of learning to trust, love and to love yourself.  If you enjoy a steamy, romance with a touch of suspense I highly recommend Me & Mr. I.T.

Katie Mettner writes inspirational and romantic suspense from a little house in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She's the author of the four part epic family saga, The Sugar Series, Sugar's Song being runner up for sweet romance in the eFestival of Words contest. Her other romance series, The Northern Lights Series, The Snowberry Holiday Series, Kupid's Cove Series, and The Magnificent Series are all set in the Midwest. If you love romance and romantic suspense, her books are for you!

Katie lives with her soulmate, whom she met online at Thanksgiving and

married in April. Together they share their lives with their three children and two leopard geckos. After suffering an especially bad spill on the bunny hill in 1989, Katie became an amputee in 2011, giving her the much needed time to pen her first novel, Sugar's Dance. With the release of Sugar's story, Katie discovered the unfilled need for disabled heroes and heroines! Her stories are about empowering people with special circumstances to find the one person who will love them because of their abilities, not their inabilities. Katie has a slight addiction to Twitter and blogging, with a lessening aversion to Pinterest now that she quit trying to make the things she pinned.

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    1. That's right, it's a dream, so dream big! ;) And Ellie and Mr. I.T. have their own dream date under the stars as a matter of fact :D

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review, Tobi! I'm glad you felt it was relatable and found it as enjoyable to read as it was to write. :D

  3. Hi Katie actually My Dream Date would be Just Me & My Hubby or Just Me and Some Books and The beach Thanks for the chance to win

    1. I would love to go to Hawaii with my husband! He's afraid to fly, and sand is hard for me to walk in, so I'm thinking it won't happen, but I guess that's why it's a dream ;)