Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trusting Trey - Katie Mettner

I'm thrilled to be participating in the release of Katie Mettner's new Christmas book, Trusting Trey. If you've read her Sugar Series you'll know the couple in this book. Trey and Allison Helton are friends with Sugar, and Trey is Sugar's 'legman'. They share some good times and poignant moments throughout the Sugar Series, but Trusting Trey is all about them. You'll meet them in the present, then the past, and eventually, the future. You may notice that Trey and Allison share my last name. The truth is, one day Katie and I were joking around and I said no one ever names a character after me. Since she didn't have a new character she could introduce, but she did have Trey, who didn't have a last name but needed one, the birth of Trey Helton was complete! It was a minor role, and I never expected this character to have his own book! But this Christmas, two years after the release of the final Sugar book, we get to find out what makes Trey Helton tick, and how he, and Allison, found their happily ever after in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Trey Helton moved to Duluth to work as a prosthetist for the local hospital. Leaving behind a personal tragedy, he knew Duluth would be the place he could make a life and start to heal.

Allison Drakos was a college senior ready to graduate from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Going to school and working part-time filled her days, but Allison still found time to enjoy her last year with her sorority sisters, until the unthinkable happened.


Christmas Eve is a special day for Trey and Allison Helton. Not only is it the day they fell in love with each other, but also the day, six years ago, that they married. Their Christmas Eve routine has stayed the same for the last twelve years, but this year will be different.


Will next Christmas Eve give Trey and Allison a new reason to celebrate a life full of possibilities?

Can be read as a stand alone though is tied to Sugar's World.

Trey is a true romantic and he swept me off my feet as fast as he did Allison.  Allison is fun, determined and very caring.  The two were perfectly made for each other.  Though their beginning was unique and rough, true love conquered.
I have been looking forward to Trey's story for a couple years. Katie Mettner didn't disappoint. Trey and Allison's story is written beautifully and I thoroughly enjoyed getting a better peek into Sugar's legman's life. 
If you're looking for a fascinating story of true love healing wounded hearts in a charming romance, I highly recommend Trusting Trey.

Katie Mettner writes inspirational and romantic suspense from a little house in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She's the author of the four part epic family saga, The Sugar Series, Sugar's Song being runner up for sweet romance in the eFestival of Words contest. Her other romance series, The Northern Lights Series, The Snowberry Holiday Series, Kupid's Cove Series, and The Magnificent Series are all set in the Midwest. If you love romance and romantic suspense, her books are for you!

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Katie lives with her soulmate, whom she met online at Thanksgiving and married in April. Together they share their lives with their three children and two leopard geckos. After suffering an especially bad spill on the bunny hill in 1989, Katie became an amputee in 2011, giving her the much needed time to pen her first novel, Sugar's Dance. With the release of Sugar's story, Katie discovered the unfilled need for disabled heroes and heroines! Her stories are about empowering people with special circumstances to find the one person who will love them because of their abilities, not their inabilities. Katie has a slight addiction to Twitter and blogging, with a lessening aversion to Pinterest now that she quit trying to make the things she pinned.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of Trusting Trey! I'm so glad I told his story well :)

  2. I seem to be drawn to happy ever after romance stories when Christmas comes around:)