Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Shielded by the Cowboy Seal - Bonnie Vanak

The SOS Agency grants one Navy SEAL his most personal mission yet.

SOS Agency #2
Bonnie Vanak
Releasing Feb 1st, 2017

The SOS Agency grants one Navy SEAL his most personal mission yet.

Home on leave at his family farm, Navy SEAL Cooper Johnson receives an unexpected assignment: to protect a beautiful socialite on the run from her abusive ex. Grieving his kid sister, a brave cop killed in the line of duty due to a faulty bulletproof vest, Coop is in no mood for work until he meets Meg Taylor. Soon, he finds that riding the land, lovely Meg safe beside him, is a surprising comfort to his heart. But when he discovers Meg's dark past and the evidence she possesses that her ex would kill to keep buried it will take both the cowboy and SEAL within him to get the ultimate justice.

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If you love suspense, you’ll love Shielded by a Cowboy SEAL. Meg, is a Florida socialite who ran from her abusive husband and took refuge at ex-SEAL Cooper Johnson’s ranch. Ms. Vanak brings plenty of suspense, wonderful touching and steamy romance, as well as tastefully bringing to the forefront the horrible and long-lasting effects of domestic and animal abuse. She does a fabulous job showing the reader how much the men and women who protect our country go through once they return home. Cooper and Meg have both suffered personal losses, and struggle to believe things will ever get better. Some of these losses were so hard to overcome I wondered if their relationship would survive, though their attraction is undeniable. Cooper is your typical strong ex-SEAL on the outside, but on the inside he’s still reeling from the loss of his sister. I love his protective instinct throughout the story and his determination that's inherent in most who have been in the military. Meg’s life has never gone as planned and while drawn to Cooper she has a hard time trusting this time will be different. Her vulnerability and strength were undeniable as every twist and turn was thrown her way. I felt that the suspense in this book was much heavier than most romantic suspense as it’s packed with danger and often uncomfortable subjects to read about. That said, the romance, while complicated, is portrayed realistically between two damaged souls.

Bonnie Vanak is a NY Times bestselling author. After a career in journalism, she became a writer for an international charity, traveling to poor countries like Haiti to write about issues affecting the poor. When the strain of her job demanded a diversion, she turned to her childhood dream of writing romance novels. Bonnie lives in Florida with her husband and two rescue dogs. Visit her website at or email her at

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