Sunday, June 11, 2017

Her Renegade Rancher - Jennifer Ryan

With their hearts' desires on the line, nothing can stop the Montana Men
No one knows better than Colt Kendrick that life can change in an instant. He lives without regrets except for one: not making the gorgeous woman he sees every time he walks into the local diner his. 
 Luna Hill is haunted by the heart-stopping kiss she and Colt never should have shared. Their timing has always been off. Just as sparks begin to ignite again, she is offered a job that will take her far from their ranching town. But when a dear friend dies unexpectedly, leaving Luna a staggering gift, she has a chance to stay and finally make her long buried wishes come true—even ones that involve the sexiest cowboy she’s ever known.
Not everyone is happy with Luna’s good fortune, and as they make their feelings dangerously and abundantly clear when she falls in their crosshairs, Colt will do anything he can, risk everything he has, to keep her safe. Because Luna showed him he has a heart...and it belongs to her.

Wow, this western romantic suspense is definitely an edge of your seat romance! It was like watching a Lifetime movie. So good, can't stop reading and holy sh!t what's going to happen next? Luna and Colt were always meant to be. Even if her rotten ex kept taking her back to keep them apart. After a life changing kiss, both blame themselves for pushing boundaries. Thank goodness they got over that!  They are a perfect match and I couldn't get enough of them!  Though they have dangers thrown at them left and right they prove love conquers all.
Jennifer Ryan always knows how to enthrall a reader and not let them go to the very last page.  I  highly recommend checking out this story if you enjoy western romances packed with suspense!

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