Sunday, June 4, 2017

Next - Rachael Brownwell

What if one kiss could change everything? 

It did, for Reagan Brooks. Her fascination with Luke Evans went from a school-girl crush to heart-wrenching love in an instant. Then he left town, leaving a starry-eyed Reagan in his wake. No one will ever be good enough. No kiss will ever compare to his. Reagan’s standards are high. When someone doesn’t meet them, she moves on. 

“Next in line, please.” 

Moving through life with unrealistic expectations can be damaging. Letting those expectations go… It’s in that moment we find out who we are and what we really want. 

Next is a wonderfully heart wrenching romance.  From the moment of Reagan and Luke's first kiss I was fully invested in them as a couple.  Luke disappears when he goes into the military thinking he's doing best by not being selfish and keeping Reagan for himself.  Reagan loves him no matter how many guys she dates while waiting for him to come back.  
This is such an amazing story. Rachael Brownwell certainly knows how to weave a tale that will leave you ugly crying and wanting more. I highly recommend this book for your tbr this summer!

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