Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One True Mate - Julie Trettel

Kelsey Adams is alone, and has been since childhood. Running away is all she knows and necessary to preserve her deepest, darkest secret. She can not afford for anyone to get close, or know about the monster within. But when she lands a lucrative job as an administrative assistant to Kyle Westin, CEO of the Westin Foundation, her life changes and everything's at stake. Can she conceal her growing feelings and her true self from this enigmatic, strong willed man, or will her world fall apart? 

Kyle Westin, an alpha male who always gets what he wants, has watched and waited for the little she-wolf he knows is his perfect mate to show any signs of recognition. For two years he endures her unnecessary formality and daily rejections with a patience he did not he possessed. But even Kyle has his limits.... Can he make Kelsey notice him as someone other than her boss and break down the walls she built around her heart? Or will Kelsey do what she has always done --- run?

How I loved this story!  I was engrossed in Kelsey and Kyle's story from the first page.  I didn't want to put it down even when I had to for work or playing with the kiddos.  Kelsey has been on the run for years thinking she's a monster after being bitten by a werewolf.  She finds a town she's comfortable in and settles.  Kyle, the future pack alpha where she settles, senses his One True Mate finally and it's Kelsey.  I love the back and forth between the two. Both want to be with the other but hold back for their own reasons.  Kyle has restraint, love and protectiveness that would leave any girl swooning. Kelsey, is sweet, naive and protective of the few she cares about.  Their chemistry is explosive.  
 Julie Trettel has created a world that intrigued me and left me wanting more as soon as I finished. The single secondary characters are finely tuned and ready for their own book. I'm definitely ready for the next story in the series. If you love paranormal romance that has a touch of suspense and edge I highly recommend One True Mate.

Julie Trettel is a full time Systems Administrator, Wife, Mother of four, and part time Musician and Writer. She resides in Richmond, VA and can often be found writing on the sidelines of a football field or swimming pool. She comes from a long line of story tellers and has a thousand stories running through her mind. Writing has always been a stress reliever and escape for her to manage the crazy demands of juggling time and schedules between work and an active family of six. In her “free time,” she enjoys traveling, reading, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends. Her husband, James, challenged her to write a book in one year. She took on that challenge – this is her first published work.

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