Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hero's Heart - Lila Felix & Elle Kimberly

Ranger never came back like he promised Hero he would. He left her broken and alone to always wonder why.

Hero waited as long as she could, but life goes on.

In Ranger’s absence, she did what she had to, taking Ranger’s brother in to care for him as he died. 

Hero and Ranger never imagined that Garrison’s will would throw them back into a past that caused them nothing but pain and grief. 

This isn’t their high school romance anymore.

This isn’t prom dresses and skinny dipping in the pond.

This is a matter of Hero’s heart. 

When Ranger comes back for his brother's will reading he has to confront his past. Namely, Hero. Hero is full of spunk. I love the first scene where Ranger comes back! There's no denying she's the strength in her family. She's loyal and faithful. Who doesn't love a cowboy? Ranger is a sweet, if not a bit stubborn alpha.  Though he drives me a bit nuts putting his loyalty where it's not deserved. If you're a looking for a romance that will have you rolling through every emotion possible and leave you with a happy heart. I highly recommend Hero's Heart.

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