Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Playboy Bachelor - Rachel Van Dyken

She's no Sleeping Beauty. And he's definitely no prince . . . 

Margot McCleery could have lived her whole life without seeing Bentley Wellington again-her ex-best friend and the poster boy for Hot, Rich Man-Whores everywhere. But Margot's whiskey-augmented grandmother "buys" Bentley at a charity bachelor auction, and now suddenly he's at her door. Impossibly charming. Impossibly sexy. And still a complete and utter jackass.

Bentley's just been coerced by his grandfather to spend the next thirty days charming and romancing the reclusive red-haired beauty who hates him. The woman he abandoned when she needed him the most. Bentley knows just as much about romance as he knows about love-nothing. But the more time he spends with Margot, the more he realizes that "just friends" will never be enough. Now all he has to do is convince her to trust him with her heart . . .

Margot and Bentley were torn apart by tragic circumstances when they were teens. She became a shut in and he became a player. Thrown together by their grandparents, both are battling their attraction and love for the other. Bentley is fun, and a romantic at heart even if he hides it a bit. Margot grows throughout this entire story. She's a great protagonist who learns to love again. 
This second chance romance was fast paced and wonderfully written with unexpected twists and turns throughout the story. The give and take of their love versus the pain from their past was a perfect balance.  If you enjoy second chance romances with 2 broken people who find redemption in love I highly recommend The Playboy Bachelor.

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