Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cookie Christmas - Heather Karn

Another year of Christmas preparations is in full swing at the North Pole’s own Christmas Village, and Holly is content to be working at her father’s bakery. But when Chip calls her into his office with a promotion she can’t turn down, life as Holly knows it is about to change. With a new bakery located in New York City scheduled to go online the first of November, and her at the head of the project, she has little time for distractions. That is, until she meets her handsome new assistant.

Merric quickly proves to be more than a competent assistant, especially when devastating news from back home puts all the pressure on them to make the new bakery a success. Even with their deadline approaching, romance blossoms between Holly and Merric, but it’s not without its challenges. Can it survive when Holly discovers a secret Merric has been hiding? Or will they pull together and fight for their chance at happiness and success?
Join a new batch of characters in this deliciously epic companion novel to First Christmas!

Cookie Christmas is a sweet holiday romance.

Cookie Christmas is a fun unique Christmas romance!  I loved Holly in First Christmas and I fell in love with her even more after Cookie Christmas.  It was amazing seeing her spread her wings away from her family and learning to navigate the world away from the North Pole.  Merric, oh Merric, he's one elf that will sweep you off your feet. He's seen more of the world than Holly and he helps her find her way. I can't wait for Jolly's book!!!
If you love magical Christmas romances with quirky amazing characters I highly recommend checking out Cookie Christmas.

Heather is a chocolate addicted, Christmas loving, non-spontaneous author of YA Paranormal Romance and sweet holiday romances. When her day job isn’t keeping her busy, she can be found playing with her Pomeranian, sitting at her laptop writing, or contemplating what to bake next (as long as there’s chocolate in it). Though she was born and raised in Michigan, Heather now resides in Wisconsin enjoying the snowy winters while staying indoors and writing while it snows. Her mind is always in a far off place, so who knows where her next writing adventure will lead!

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