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Hello Everyone I'm opening up book ads on the page!

My blog receives 25,000+ views a month!!!    

**I do not post erotic books for anything above a 4 steam rating due to an all ages blog**

Blog Advertising
Option 1
A Prime spot on the left hand side of the blog I will have 18 spots open for $12 a month.

Option 2
A Promo post featuring your book  and a spot on the AMAZON scrolling slideshow on the right side of the blog.  $10

Option 3
A combo!  Both options for $16

Contact me at forgethousework at gmail dot com if you are interested!

Tweet Advertising
3 tweets a day for a month with a direct link to your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or another site of your choice.  $35

2 tweets a day for a month with a direct link to your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or another site of your choice.  $25

Interested in more or less email me at forgethousework at gmail dot com or if you're interested in any of the above.

This is not a purchase of a good review.  All reviews on this blog are honest and not paid for.  I am willing to do reviews.  Please see my policy page but I do not promise 3 stars and up.  I rate books how on how I personally enjoy them.

<3 Tobi


If you are searching for PR to help spread the word about your books and to distribute your swag, Tobi from Forget The Housework, I'm Reading is AMAZING! I am so pleased with the results from using her services, and would be lost without her. She's reliable, professional, and always eager to help. As an author, I have no time to worry about the PR side of things. My time is better spent meeting writing deadlines. Tobi takes the weight off my shoulders by running successful Twitter and Facebook campaigns, helping me create Rafflecopter giveaways for my FB reader group. She even helps with blog tours in-between my release and cover reveal tours. If you're unsure of what you need, just ask her--she's always full of ideas! ~ Niecey Roy, author of the What's Love??? series

As a fairly new author with a limited budget for advertising, I have struck gold! Now that I have found Tobi Helton’s site- Forget the housework, I’m reading, my rankings are climbing! She is a dream to work with and has developed a schedule that incorporates all of my work, including the future releases. I feel like her reviews are honest, without ever being harsh or personal, and that is a fine balance that is to be respected. She has kept my covers, titles and buy links circulating so that we can keep finding new readers, and I truly feel like she wants to do all she can to help me succeed. For that, I couldn’t be more thankful!  

Amy Gregory ~ Racing to Love Series

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my advertisements with Tobi and Forget the Housework…I’m Reading blogspot. My sales have been steady since she started my ad and I believe it has kept my book circulating where readers will see it. Tobi was great about keeping me informed on the views for my promo and that’s something no other site has done. The price is right, the ads are beautiful, and doing business with Tobi has been remarkably easy.
Dana Mason ~ Author of Dangerous Embrace and The Embrace Series

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