Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

Need a great paranormal YA read?  Here is another for you.  Solid is a quick fun read.  I say quick but if my boys give me time I can read a 300pg novel in about a day or so. 

Back to Solid, Ms. Workinger has an amazing imagination. 

Clio is about to go to a "camp" with other kids like her.  None new they had genetic mutation possibilities but there is the possibility.  They are there to discover if they were affected negatively from a drug given to their mothers  while pregnant.  But there is something sinister are they there to be protected or are they going to have to fight for their lives?

It took me getting through the prologue to get into the book, but once I started into chapter one I was sucked into the plot.  Clio is very likable girl even though she is beautiful she is insecure.  Moving from place to place all her life she is always the new girl and has many "first days" of school.  She's learned to rely on her quick quips as her defense for the wall she builds around herself.   She falls in with a group very quickly being almost attacked by juggling fruits including a banana.  Jack the cute sweet guy, Garrett the cocky goofy jock, Bliss the sweet unassuming blond, and Miranda the tough outspoken girl.

Very quick paced and hard to put down this is a definite must go on your "to-read" list.  The next book in the series, Settling is definitely going on my "to-read" list.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Review: Silver Knight by Caron Rider

Diana is a 17 year old girl getting ready to go into her senior year of high school, president of their book club but she has scary dreams every night where she is killed by demons.  One mysterious handsome black haired man pops up in most dreams along the way.  Are these past lives or are they just nightmares.
A priest she helped in the past calls out for help from the Light Warriors.  So she makes a trip to Rome where she feels she is pulled to, to help.

This is another book I had issues with not wanting to put it down so I could get some sleep.  Caron Rider draws you in with events throughout history tying to different characters in the book I find completely fascinating.  I have so many questions running through my head I would love to ask but will probably be in the 2 sequels to follow.

Diana is a strong brave young lady willing to run off to Rome to help the priest she had saved in the seventies.  She faces her fears of meeting the stranger.  She has the support of her BFF and her BFF's boyfriend. 

Alexander has a rich history with Diana throughout the book you will be dying to find out more and more. 

Other characters pop up in the book but to discuss too far would potentially give key information away.

I highly recommend reading Silver Knight.  It is an intricately woven story that will draw you in and you will just want more.  She even took characters I didn't think twice about until you learn more throughout the book.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review: Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace

Have you ever had a book you couldn't put down?  This is why I read my mystery romance books far apart! 
Anne Mason-Long just went through a rough divorce settling giving her husband more than she should have just to get this done and over with.  The night before she had a girls night out and a handsome gentleman checking her out.  She left since she had "divorce court" in the am and a drunk approached her trying to force her to dance etc.....she is saved by the handsome gentleman.

She is running late to court missed getting her coffee as is another handsome man and boy is he handsome.  She gets to court discovering the man from the night before and this morning are one and the same.  He follows her to the courtroom and come to find out he's her jerk of an ex-husbands lawyer.

Michael Brandt is having a horrible day coffee machine broke couldn't find a parking spot and on....he gets to the break room at the courthouse.  There is a beautiful woman making coffee he pulls the pot out as it drips and fills a cup for them both.  He follows her assuming she is the attorney for his clients ex-wife.  Soon he discovers the beautiful woman is Anne Mason-Long the ex-wife and that his client lied his butt off to him while sitting through the hearing.

After court Anne needs junk food her kitchen is bare so she finds a convenience store that's open.  As she's leaving she collides into a massive solid chest.  Guess who? Yep it's Michael.  As Anne is getting in her car she is carjacked by a masked man with gloves he knew her name and told her he had a private party for them.  Self defense taught her if the attacker is in passenger side to hit something to throw him forward.  She bolts.  Michael had witnessed everything and followed calling the police for her.  He saves her again.

After everything Anne moves to the farm her ex-husbands mother left to her. (because she was the only one who loved it as much as she did and her son would've sold it for gambling money and the girls he'd been cheating on Anne with. Yep he's a winner!)  Conveniently Michael had taken the prosecutors job in the same town and bought the farm close by a few months before. 

Turns out the Carjacker isn't done with Anne and starts leaving her "gifts" on her farm.

Anne is an independent lady who is used to taking care of her self.  She is strong willed and doesn't feel she needs to be protected or taken care of.  She fights her strong attraction to Michael because he was her exes lawyer.  She came to relax and run the farm and get away from everything.  So much for that.

Michael Brandt is tired of being a defense lawyer and getting people off that are probably guilty so he moves to the small town to become prosecutor and persuade juries of peoples guilt instead of innocence.  He is as attracted to Anne as she is to him.  When she says no because he was her exes lawyer he's out to change her mind. 

Frankie is a private detective that Michael hires and gets busted by Deputy Hansen.  There is a strong attraction and become a part of the story to lead to the sequel, which I can't wait until it comes out. 

If you love romance, action, adventure, mystery this is your book.  Be prepared, like a whole day because you won't want to put it down. 

Warning:  There is a sex scene or two but not too descriptive.  Just to let you know.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Kissed in Paris by Juliette Sobanet

I loved this book and the book before it Sleeping with Paris by Juliette Sobanet.

Chloe Turner is sent on a last minute business trip to Paris the week before she is supposed to get married.  Family is coming in to stay with her and her fiance, Paul, and they don't get along.  Chloe wakes up naked in her  hotel room with everything gone but a red dress she would never wear and 3 inch black heels.  She slowly remembers meeting Claude in the bar.
As she is heading to get help she is stopped by the police asking if she knows Claude, the man she had drinks with the night before.  There's been $20,000 moved from her joint account with Paul 48 hours ago so how could they just have met the night before.  They are about to take her in when she asks to use the restroom.  Outside she hears a commotion and the door bursts open with the police officer falling through and a unshaven man knocked him out saying he was an undercover agent and he was the only one who could help her if she wanted to make it back in time for her wedding.  She decided to follow Agent julien Moreau.

Chloe Turner is a controlled lady that doesn't like to lose control.  When Julien tells her to do something she usually does the opposite.  She is fun spirited deep down she just needs to let that part of herself out.

Julien Moreau is sexy agent who is trying to help Chloe get her engagement ring and passport and as much as she can back.  He is mysterious and helps Chloe let go a little.

Claude sexy stranger in the bar she barely remembers but slowly she's discovering he and Julien have a connection.

Paul and egotistical lawyer that is Chloe's fiance and he is a butt head basically.  You will want to knock the man out.

Kissed in Paris is an amazing action romance story I recommend to anyone.  It is quick paced and you will not want to put it down.  I believe this kept me up late at night.  I also love how Juliette tied in the characters from Sleeping with Paris.  Great idea and had me guessing when they would pop up.

Also, I highly recommend Sleeping with Paris.  The first book in the Paris books.  Must reads.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: Optical Delusions in Deadwood by Ann Charles

We come back to visit Violet and her rag tag group.  She is more spunky but the ground is laid for most characters, so, Ms. Charles can explore more of their personalities.

Violet is being followed by a string of vandalism as she tries to sell another house.  The Carharts house is plagued with a long history of murders.  The Carhart's choose Violet because she is willing to sell haunted houses.

Harvey is still cracking me up but watch out for Russel.  He may pop up in conversation.

We learn more about her Aunt Zoey, who Violet and her kids live with.  She has a history with the Fire Chief.  Can't wait to see where that goes.

Natalie still has her claim "staked" on doc who she thinks she is in love with.

Doc is still hot and steamy. 

The children were more backdrops this time maybe there will be more of them in the next book.

Ok, now a little rant.  I can handle some cuss words the f bomb here and there.  But the four letter C word I don't like.  It was dropped left and right towards the end.  I do believe there are more creative words to use as a descriptive.  Off my high horse.

I hope this was helpful it is very difficult to review a sequel but there you have it.  I'll do kissed in Paris tomorrow or Friday.<3