Review Policies and Rating System

Hi! My name is Tobi, I review mainly Romances, Western, Cowboy, YA, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical etc....I'm eclectic in my Romances.  I'm open to other genres just contact me.

I don't review Erotic or LGBT Romance stories at this time.

I am willing to participate in Blog tours, reviews and open to other options such as guest posting etc.....

If you are interested in submitting a book for me to review please email me at forgethousework at gmail dot com

My reviews are honest and not paid for.  Some authors provide books but it doesn't have an effect on my reviews.

Thanks for your time!  <3

Rating system

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  1. You mentioned Christian in the list of things you read. I've written a memoir, which isn't overtly Christian but seeks to show the difference faith can make. This is the blurb:

    "You should consider carefully how you wish to spend what time you might have left with James."
    When a mother faces the ultimate threat - the suffering and potential loss of her child - every possible human resource kicks in, including her faith. A Life Less Lost charts the author's journey through white coats, misdiagnoses, endless appointments and more. KB Walker connects stories from her American childhood to the traumas that face her very English family to explain the hope that helps her hold her life together.

    If you would be interested in writing a review for this, I'd be happy to send you a copy. Please let me know via my blog ~

  2. I tried to email you on and and both came back.

    1. I'm so sorry my email was mistyped!

      forgethousework at gmail dot com

      And I would definitely be interested just shoot it to me!

      Thanks! <3 Tobi

  3. Hi, Tobi! My YA paranormal romance novel, THE STONE GUARDIAN, will be coming out--hopefully--this winter with Etopia Press. Until then, I'd love to stay in touch. Maybe I can shoot you an 'ARC' copy before it's released?

    If you're interested, feel free to swing by my website and check out the blurb. :)!coming-soon/c1mvz

    Thanks a lot! ;)